Intensity Of Sources For Awakening

Yesterday I presented 20 questions to invite you and I to become more conscious.  I was wondering if questions on a screen are an effective way to provoke insight and awareness.  My hope the answer is yes.  I know my readings often provoke my thinking to be more expansive.  I often have insightful experiences through the variety of podcasts where I listen to the spoken word, which seems more alive and enlightening in a different way.  Maybe most potent of all are live conversations, counseling, presentations etc.

This tells me several things.  That we are awakened in a variety of ways and I suspect these are different for each of us.  Maybe however the more alive the presentation the more powerful the potential for awareness?  The sound of voices is more alive than the written word so maybe the potential for awakening is stronger.  Direct interactions bring with them the personal energy of the counselor, the friend, the presenter etc and the potential for awakening is even more alive.   This makes sense to me, does it to you?

What other factors affect the awakening potential?  Certainly the degree of consciousness of those we interact with has an affect.  Unaware people are usually not going to be forces for our awakening. 

The receptiveness of the receiver seems important also.  If we are open and active in our search for consciousness we will make it happen more easily.  If we seek to awaken we will awaken.  If we have little or no interest, we will at times gain greater insight by accident.

Another influence includes the importance of the lessons in our life that are in waiting.  It seems the more we need to learn something to move our life forward the more the opportunities for awareness will be presented.  This idea is not new but I have always wondered what makes these needed lessons appear in our life; what is the source that guides these lessons.  My understanding is that we all come equipped with a higher guidance system onboard.

I will write more about our higher guidance system in tomorrow’s post.  For today, be open to what awakening potential in you is waiting to be expressed and enjoy your day.