Your Inner Guidance System

Much like the space shuttle and the space capsules that went to the moon, we have any inner guidance system that helps keep us on course in life.  We are however much more flexible and wiser than the guidance systems that directed those journeys out beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.  Our system is run by the guidance of our critical thinking mind, the wisdom of our heart and the deep knowing of our intuition. There are endless possibilities in each moment and all we have to do is pay attention to the guidance being made available to us.  If we follow this guidance, our lives will remain on course for a fulfilling life.  If we go numb, quit caring, stop growing or ignore our higher sense of knowing, we will suffer.   

There are a number of ways our guidance system may be communicating with us that we may be missing, ignoring or utilizing.  The follow are a number of ways guidance may come to us:

Gut instincts – there has long been recognized a knowing that we feel in our stomach.  This knowing may come in the form of tension or tightness when we know something isn’t right.  The gut may also feel light or charged with positive vibration like laughter and excitement, which tell us we are heading in the right direction.

Intuitive messages – these messages are often felt or seen inside.  There is a sense that this is what we need to do.  Intuition is a knowing in us that we can always trust because when we do as we are guided they tend to work out well for us.  Paying attention to our intuition will encourage the guidance come more often and in ways we can understand.

Body sensations – the body is made up of a variety of sensing abilities that provide us almost constant feedback and guidance.  We can see when things look right.  We can hear the message that matter most.  We can smell the scent of what will work the best.  We can taste the flavor when things are going well.  We can touch into a deeper sense of flow within the body, which tells us we are moving toward greater aliveness.

Clarity of thought – our minds are thinking, figuring, judging understanding and questioning machines.  The mind can drive us to distraction or slow to glimpses of insight.  If we learn to sort through the noise of the mind’s chaos we find a stream of calmer knowing.  When a thought is clear we see and feel that it is so.

Heart center – the heart is actually full of processing and sensing cells much like the brain.  The heart also has a huge signal pathway for knowing called emotions. The Heart knows what is right or wrong for us by how we feel.  When we feeling joy, love, peace, freedom and harmony, we are on track and doing, being, and going as we should.  If we feel fear, anger, worry and discontent we have lost touch with what we know is right for us.

Feedback from others – often we have blind spots, dark sides, shadows, pockets of unawareness where others can help us see ourselves more truly.  People we trust can help us by providing insights they have about who we are and what is or isn’t working for us.  They too have all the above knowing tools and when turned in our direction, they can provide a great deal of light to our life.

The world around us – there is such a thing as universal guidance in which synchronicity and happenstance play a role in informing us about what we need to know.  This guidance may come in the form of a sign on our way to work, a song we hear on the car radio that replays in our head, a butterfly that lands on our shoulder as we contemplate an idea, the timing of something so perfect we know it was meant to show us the way.  The universe conspires to help us whenever we get clear about where we want to go with purpose.

Other guidance points may include: moments of uplifting energy that tells us we are spot on, clarity of sight when we realize everything seems more clear, feelings of oneness with all that is around us, a light of inspiration can shine and brighten our pathway, or a peaceful moment of knowing will tell us we are going where we need to go. 

What are you ways of knowing that match with these above and what additional insight can you share?