Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up

Waking up seems to be a theme on my mind lately so I am wondering if this theme is my tuning into what I see as a very significant need in the world or is it some aspect of myself, my own inner knowing that is seeking to be more awake, more conscious.  I am going to make the assumption that both are true because we are all interconnected.  I want to explore how my (our) growth and awakening are aligned with the evolutionary/higher consciousness needs of the people on the planet.

First point is that the human evolutionary drive feels primal so we are all in the midst of some biological imperative that never lets up.  Our body at a cellular level is always ready to move forward, to express itself more fully.  I am not a scientist so I can only explaining this as a more of intuitive sense.  Deepak Chopra is a wonderful source of wisdom about this from a medical and quantum level.  Over at Sounds True he has an excellent series on The New Physics Of Healing.  Bruce Lipton (at Sounds True also) is also an excellent resource for a deeper understanding of the biological forces pushing for our awakening.

Second point is that each of us along the journey of our life has opportunities to awaken probably on a daily if not moment-to-moment basis.  We humans sometimes tend to put our heads down and push forward.  That push of what feels like survival can short circuit the opportunity to slow down and notice the awakening that is waiting for us.  Slowing down seems to be the single most important discipline for those who are interested in awakening.  We struggle to awaken when we are at full speed ahead.  We need to instead slow down, take a deeper breath, look around and become acquainted with the moment.  Insight, awareness and higher consciousness come from taking the time to be fully present.

Third point is that individual change impacts the collective consciousness. Our change impacts the collective knowing.  If we feel the urge to grow it is both within us and provoked by the collective consciousness. As we awaken and expand in our awareness, the whole is affected.  When the light of insight goes on inside we naturally spread our light to those around us and the world quietly shifts.  We are both individual consciousness and share a unity of consciousness.

Final point is that if we look around and tune in we can feel the fear of the unknown, we can sense the longing for change, we can hear the shouts of ego, we can feel our own reactivity and other waves of emotions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs etc.  There are no clear answers except that the past hasn’t worked.   We all feel how stuck things are if we question beyond the surface noise of the human verbal jungle, we will find a deep urge to express more fully, to rise above the muck of empty thoughts and verbal jujitsu and seek a place of solutions for all beings.   The watered down dogma is useless, the moral majority is neither, politics is failing and greed is in charge.  At the same time there is so much waiting in way of positive possibilities.

Our only real hope is for you and I and everyone else to wake up and get engaged in meaningful dialogue with minds and hearts that are open enough to seek ways that represent higher consciousness then created the problems we face today. 

So wake up as best as you can today and then more the next day and on and on.