Stop Blaming, Start Thinking Solutions

There is so much going on politically, socially and religiously that needs to be questioned at every level.  Our thinking needs to be uplifted beyond the ego, beyond our limiting points of view, beyond narrow religious beliefs, beyond endless empty opinion, beyond the greed driven economy, and beyond the wining, blaming and complaining.  There is a higher nature in every one of us, an objective, compassionate, conscious and observing mind that can step back and see with clarity.   How come so many hang out in thought places of hate, of anger, of fear, of blame and other miserable states of mind?  Is it as easy as change our thoughts, change our experience of life.  I would argue it is and here is why.

We live in a world that seems focused on “us versus them.”  That “us vs. them” is represented by our many TV battles of reality shows, sports and endless cop and bad guy shows.  So our psyche is filled with these battles against potential enemies. This is all about fear and little is about what it takes to create a better world.  This “us vs them” are just thoughts that we can change.  Here are areas we need to use our higher mind to act more clearly :

Fear or Hope – Fear is a powerful state of mind that runs our world and is so not necessary if we work together.  TV shows and news feed our fear, politics use fear to manipulate, religions use fear to control.  Fear is just a thought and it can be changed if we choose to do so.  Hope and love are really much closer to reality and much more pleasant thoughts to have.  In times of disaster people come together from all beliefs and work together in compassion and hope for those in need.  So when we want to we can come together for the good of all.

Debate or Conversation – everywhere the airways are filled with opinion, which is all ego based and destructive.  The shouting heads do nothing but stir up problems.  Debate is too often ego masturbation.  Turn off all opinion based program especially Fox and you will be happier as a person.  Instead of all this nonsense filling the air lets sit down and talk and listen and leave the big mouths out in the cold where they can chill out.  We need people to sit down and talk, to seek understanding, to find positive solutions, and to act with compassion.

Blaming or Taking Responsibility – the blame agents of the world are crap magnets.  The more we blame and complain, the more we have to blame and complain about.  This is so obvious that if we don’t see it, we need to stop everything we are doing and find out who we are.  The world will never get better in blame mode it will only get worse.  What changes things, in a positive direction, is people taking responsibility for what is not working and get involved in what will work.  To blame the government and taxes is to not be willing to be part of the solution.  We are the government and we have to hold us accountable.  Taxes are not the problem, we lack our leadership to make the system work.  No well working system means total chaos (think Mexico). 

Entitlement or Compassion – there are many who feel entitled to have all the money and power they want and hate those that need help.  This is because greed has replaced their hearts.  Social Security, medicare and healthcare are essential for any civilized nation yet the heartless project (blame others for acting as they do) their entitlement issues on those in needed.  Compassion is one of the great teachings of all religions yet the so call “religious” lack compassion for most people.  Compassion, love, caring and kindness have the power to resolve all (every single one) of our world problems.

Are you thinking with clarity, consciousness and compassion?