Football, Wasting Time and A Deeper Desire

Football season has arrived and I enjoy sports but sometimes when I watch I feel like I am wasting time.  Wasting time is an interesting idea.  Yes there are times when we are tired and taking it easy is a natural thing to do.  Life however seems too short to waste any of it.  As I get older I feel the preciousness of life even more and I don’t want to let it go to waste.  Sports and movies are great distractions and sometimes even meaningful. They often feel like a passive way to go about life.  Doesn’t it seem life wants us to participate as fully as we are able?

None of these ideas are about judging what is right or wrong here but more what is it we are here to do in this life.  I highly suspect we are not here in this life to waste it. 

Who decides whether what we do or don’t do is right or wrong?  That has to be us because no one else can decide for us although there seems to be many who have opinions about how you or l should live life.   What others think of how we live is really there problem not ours.

So if I look in the mirror and am ok with who I am then I am heading in the right direction.  Of course there is always opportunity to do things that will make me even feel better about who I am.  If I look in the mirror and feel not ok then it is past time to make improvements.  Either view in the mirror is ok.  Both views give us awareness about who we are and that means we have choices.  If we are aware then we can choose to improve, continue where we are headed, take off in a new direction, experiment with other ways of being etc. 

My bias is that if life is precious and I want to get the most out of it and make the biggest difference.  That is my direction, my purpose, my meaning, what is yours? 

What I have been feeling lately is a bigger push inside to make more of a difference and I am unsure where that push is coming from.  Could it be my ego wanting more recognition?  Possibly but another reason seems stronger.  This reason feels more important, like I am a part of a larger intuitive desire or movement.  This intuitive push whispers “now is the time to help wake each other up” or it seems other forces will continue to dominate the world and keep it heading downhill.

Are any of you sensing this inner desire to show up bigger in life? Does it also feel to you that this time is important and you want to do something that makes a difference?

It seems to me the downhill forces are the status quo, the profits over people, the people filled with anger and fear, and the lack of compassion for those less fortunate (they are called entitled by the greedy).  Isn’t life about love according to all the great teachers no matter what religion claims them as theirs? Isn’t it time we get past the need for war, the need for greed, the need for exclusion? 

Have a good Labor Day weekend and remember those who put down unions are the ones who take advantages of their workers.