Listen To Your Soul; Be Healed By Love

Happy Labor Day!  I hope it is a fun holiday for you and those you spend the day with. 

Yesterday my wife and myself and our dog went for a hike into a place called Lost Lake.  It is a beautiful place but it certainly isn’t lost.  The road to the trail was jammed with cars and some people who seemed impatient and bothered that the rest of us where in there way.  Does it seem to you that impatience is growing inside and around you?  This seems to be the true for me at times and in those around me. 

The world is on fast forward which is an old setting from the days of tape players.  You might not remember that if you are young and texting as your main way of interacting with others.  Now there is instant messaging and texting which means no waiting to communicate with others.  More and more people are reachable wherever they are and whenever anyone wants to communicate with them.  There seems to be little or no down time and maybe that feeds the impatience?

Or maybe the world is speeding up, maybe the pace of change is going faster, maybe the transformation of humanity is moving faster than we have imagined.  Let’s see if we can figure what is going on or at least come to some kind of speculation that is worth exploring further.

There is something stirring and it feels like it is happening at several levels of awareness for me at least.  There is my body that wants to be pushed so it is stronger for whatever is coming.  There is my mind that feels on full alert and wanting even more tools.  There is my heart that feels a longing to be more fully expressed in its capacities.  There is my spirit/soul that seems to want to take a more active role in guiding me towards the full realization of why I am here in this life and this time in human history.   Does any of this resonate with you?  Is there a quickening going on inside of you too?

This all could be hopeful anticipation or over enthusiastic optimism, which would be a positive force also.  Yet it feels more life a collective energy/consciousness that is shifting the human tide towards change.  Maybe you and I are catching the wave and riding it even though we may only be partially aware of something going on?

At the bookstore the other night, I found my self strongly drawn to a book that offers some ideas about the power of the soul.  I purchased it and started reading it immediately as if I was being encouraged by a greater knowing in me.  I am already deep into the book (The Power Of The Soul by Dr. Sha) and resonating with the ideas.  Two ideas stand out for me:

  1. The soul is our guiding force and we need to tune in and let it show us the way. 
  2. The soul and love are the two powerful healing and transforming forces in the universe.

If there is guidance knocking that is coming from a deeper knowing, it is time we give it our full attention.