Sad Ducks But We Are Champions Anyway

The college football national championship was a disappointment for those of us from Oregon who care about these things.  It can be hard to get your hopes up and then find out they were not met.  Unfortunately results that fall short are not a new experience for most of us.  Life tends to always be teaching us about attachments and letting go.  Sports are a great way to feel uplifted and to ride the waves of success and disappointment.  The good thing is that even in defeat there is no one who loses.  Every person who takes part is a winner when they do something as best as they can.

This game reminded me that doing things with passion and purpose fills us with aliveness and makes life so much more worth living even if you fall short of your goals.  The journey is what matters; the determination and the effort color the experience vividly. 

What championship efforts are you involved in these days?  Are you working on: being a great parent, making a difference in people’s lives, expressing yourself creatively, learning and growing in new ways, having more fun in life, being kind to others, moving up in your profession, planting a beautiful garden, expressing love to your partner, appreciating your pet more often, singing in your shower, finding your way to peace inside, listening more carefully to your intuition, being a better friend, taking more time to enjoy the moment, slowing down and being less stressed, and so many other activities/actions that can be so enriching to you and those around you.

The game was over and it was late when I sat down to write.  As soon as the writing started to flow my energy went up and this made me think that changing our energy is so important if you and I want to live a satisfying and rewarding life.  We can’t get to excellence by hanging out in mediocre energy. 

How often do you make happiness as your primary goal?  I will be back tomorrow to share some of my latest inspiration from a novel called The Daughters of Joy.