Life Is A Perfect Mirror

The Daughters of Joy is a novel by Deepak Chopra.  It probably wouldn’t surprise you to find out that his writings even in his novels are full of enlightening ideas.  This book is an interesting story, thought provoking, and heart expanding.  You can most likely find the book in a library or used bookstore.  If you enjoy reading a good story and expanding your consciousness at the same time then you will find this an excellent book to read.

This is one of the many lines in the book that stood out for me, “Maybe something in me creates the situation.  Maybe the outer is only mirroring what I am inside.”  This is an inner question that when explored invites you to take full responsibility for your life.  With this kind of contemplative exploration comes a new level of consciousness.  Is all you encounter in life really about you? If this is true then maybe you can make inner changes that results in changes in your outer world.

So if things are stuck, if the energy in you is less than fully alive, if you keep on running into the same kinds of frustrating experiences then just maybe this is about you.  Then as you go inward things begin to change because the energy of seeking awareness usually opens a doorway to greater insight.

One of the lessons in this book is that love is a powerful energizer.  This is love in all manifestations, from passionate to love for the Divine.  Wherever love grows so does the energy for living.  Energetic blocks that limit love include: fear, doubts, anger, and judgments.  Getting past these ego manifested emotions is important work that is best done by being mindful, open and fully present.

Life is a perfect mirror.  If you alter in the slightest, your outer reality will change simultaneously.”  These are additional lines from this book and they sit in agreement with the quote earlier. This invitation to change is very hopeful.  As you experiment with moving your energy, you will see things happening in your world that will get you even more excited about the infinite possibilities in you waiting to be realized.

By the way if you are open to guidance, the books that are right for you will appear in an effortless way.