The ABC’s Of A Better Life

In alignment with my theme of 2011 being a year of Positive Changes I wanted to put together the ABC’s of a better you, a better life, and a better world.  This will be a 4 part series and I hope you find it inspirational and motivating.  With 11.5 months left in this year, it seems time to turn up the focus and clarify the intentions. 

Here is part one of the ABC’s of A Better Life:

A is all about being more fully alive, with lots of action and a great flow of abundance.  To be more alive you must move in the direction that energizes you, that makes you want to take action.  Action creates flow and abundance.  Also aligning with the Abundant Source of the Universe will create positive results.

B is being brilliant and bold.  The time for you express yourself with boldness and brilliance has arrived.  Being a bright light unto the world is your calling.  The form your brilliance takes will be unique to you.  Whatever you do, do it boldly and life will always seem worth living.

C is doing life consciously, creatively, compassionately and aware of your connections to each other.  Make it a primary goal to be a more conscious and compassionate human being.  An open heart and a wise mind will take you towards your highest expression.  Creativity is the dynamic expression of you in touch with both your innate genius and your connection to all other sentient beings.  Higher consciousness and more compassionate will save humanity.

D is the decision to be dedicated with the adventure of discovery.  There is always much for you to learn and when you decide to become a dedicated student of life there will be much for you to discover.  The dynamic world is always itching for you to explore what resides in you as possible.

E is about conscious evolving, about having the energy to make a difference and about settle for nothing less than extraordinary.  Yes in you is the energy of extraordinary.  To move from ordinary to extraordinary will take a true evolution of you mind, your body and your soul.  This is easier than you might have thought.

F is fantastic, fit and free.  Personal freedom is one of the greatest urges within you.  If you are free it feels fantastic because then you shape you without the limitations of expectation.  Fit of body, emotions, mind and spirit is the ideal and also essential.

G is your greatness, your ground in reality and the grace that is always pouring into you.  This call to be great within you is about opening to the grace of the moment where the universe is lining up in anticipation of helping you.  The ground of reality is the foundation to build upon as greatness calls you.  Goodness is also important to open to in your daily living.

H is for humor, which is essential, humbleness, which is critical, health, which is ideal and an open heart, which is a must if you plan to leave this life making a positive difference.  In the humor comes lightness, in the humbleness comes receptivity, in health comes the necessary energy and with an open heart comes compassion, caring and kindness.

Share if you are willing what would you add to the first 8 ABC’s.  Together I am confident you and I can come up with an unlimited amount of possibilities.