Part Two – The ABC’s Of A Better Life

Today I bring you Part Two of my three part series on a better life.  I hope you found yesterday's part one full of uplifting ideas. 

I is about intuition, integrity, and invention. Paying attention to your intuition may be the most important of all my points today.  Living in integrity with your values and doing what you know is right for you greatly enrich your life.  There is unlimited potential for invention in you.  You actually invent your life moment by moment.

J is about the journey toward joy.  Joy is feedback that you are doing what is right for you on the journey of life.  The journey is about being full present to the joys along the way.  Some of the best times are ones in which you want to jump for joy.

K is about kindness and knowing.  Kindness is an expression from the heart that makes both the receiver and the giver feel better.  Knowing is wisdom that goes beyond the ordinary mind.  Knowing too is about the heart, about the intuition, and about your higher consciousness. 

L is about love, light and listening.  Love is the most powerful force on the planet and it resides in infinite supply within you.  Love is a magnificent light.  Light also is symbolic of the Divine and becoming enlightened.  The best gift for someone you love is to listen with compassion.

M is for mind, miracle and motivated.  The mind is a fabulous tool for manifesting the life you desire.  This mind however must be managed and motivated by your higher knowing.  When the mind is working at optimal levels you can miraculously create whatever you get clear about.

N brings us to new, now and nutritious.  In the now is where all the action is.  In the now you innovate a new you.  In the now you can redo the past and create the future.  There is so much you can do to enhance you health through the proper nutrition.  Eat right and you can be renewed and feel better.

O is for outstanding, organized and organic.  If you get organized you can go organic and be an outstanding contributor to the well being of the planet and all us beings who live here.  If you bring organization to what you do, your results will be outstanding.  In this moment your organic being free of the baggage of personal history is open to infinite possibilities.

P is for positive, prosperity, passion and purpose.  If you are positive and passionate about your purpose, you will enjoy great success and prosperity.  Your purpose is unique to you and when you add a big dose of passion you feel positive about what you are doing and the abundance flows.  A positive mind makes you feel better.

This four part series became a three part series with some better mathematics.  Hope your weekend rocks.