Part Three of The ABC’s Of A Better Life

Yesterday I went to University of Colorado Basketball game and it was so much fun.  The Coors Center was packed and it was so noisy that it made my ears ring.  What a highly charged atmosphere it was.  The Buffaloes came back from 12 down and I thought the roof was going to be blown of the place because of the excited energy.  I went to explore the collective energy and now I can imagine this when I need to upload a big charge of go power.

This part of the alphabet gets a little more challenging but there is still plenty to be inspired by so here it goes:

Q is about being quiet about questioning and about doing our lives with quality.  If you take the time to be quiet, you will be amazed by all that is presented to you from inside.  If you question your thoughts, beliefs, and the ideas of others you will be able to find your own truth.  Do what you do with quality in mind and then you will always be ok with what you do.

R is about being radiantly realized, in a real and relaxed way.  You have the capacity to be radiant if you are real, genuine as a person.  Realized means that you went after life and sought to full express yourself, your talents, and your potential.  Lastly it all comes together so much easier if you relax.

S is for the star that you are, the strength within you and the success that wants to flow from you.  You are a star if you do you as fully as you can.  You have great strength mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritual if you choose to access it.  Success is the outcome of you doing what you are here to do.

T is about finding your truth, about transforming the lead in you into gold and about transcending what seems to be real.  Your truth is your truth and no one but you can know what your truth is.  Then you must live this truth.   As life progressed you can fine-tune your way towards the best that is possible in you.  Transcending means not getting caught up in the dramas/stories of your life but instead rising above them and being so much more.

U is about being unstoppable and ultimately more than your history and your conditioning.  There is in you an ultimate force that is unstoppable.  Find that force and live into it with your uniqueness and it will all work out ultra well.

V is about the vital force within you, the vigorousness of being fully alive and about an expanding viewpoint of yourself and the world.  The vital forces of heart, mind and spirit connect you to the infinite.  Living with vigor means charging into what you decided to do with clear intention and ceaseless effort.   An open mind has an ever-expanding viewpoint of what is possible

W is for wise, whole and wonderful.  There is within you such wisdom if you open to the guidance of our Higher Self.  Your higher nature can guide you to a wonderful life in which you wisely realize your wholeness of mind, body, emotions and spirit.  To be whole and wise fills you with what is wonderful. 

X is for the “xtra, xtra, xtra, read all about it” headlines on the story of your life.  When you come to the end of the journey, you find that your story was about xcellence in loving and compassionate actions and in making the world a better place by fully being who you are. 

Y is about you, yet to be realized and yippee.  You can be full of yippee is you take the time to explore and express that in you which is yet to be realized.  Yippee about your heart, yippee about you mind’s capacities, yippee about your health, yippee about your infinite spirit waiting to be further expressed.

Z is living with zip, zest and zeal.  If you are open to your inner guidance you will put lots of zip, zest and zeal into your life.  This zip is about feeling alive; this zest is the excitement of living in the moment, and this zeal is about the passionate path of purpose.

Lots of zip, zest and zeal to you this day and every day!