Fear Is Not The Truth

If you watch the nightly news, listen to talk radio, watch the goings on in our government, or spend much time paying attention the endless ramblings of the ego-mind then you know that fear is a powerful theme.  The doomsayers and opinionaters spend all their time drumming up topics of fear.  The news is focused on murder, disaster and many other fear provoking stories.  Our politics is based on keeping the people afraid.  Corporate power is about keeping their employees fearful enough to be controlled.  Religion also uses the fear of eternal damnation, sin, and judgment as tools to control the masses.  The defense budget only exists if there is fear.  The ego always stirs up fear in the name or protection but really to keep you and I out of the present where the ego has no power over us.

Fear is a contracted state in which we close down to possibilities out of the false idea of the need for protection.  Fear is always created by our thoughts and these thoughts are not real but instead imagined.  Fear takes away our courage and depletes our energy to make changes in our lives.  Innately we humans are not fearful but be are trained to be throughout life.

Fear is the opposite of love and hope.  Love and hope are actually true and possible in the moment but fear in today’s society often pushes them aside.  This makes for a situation of where the people are run over by the fear machine.  If fear is running the show there is no limit to what the ego-mind can rationalize therefore you get all the mess we have today.

The antidote for fear is to have an open heart and be in the flow of love, to live in the present, to be mindful of past or future thoughts that provoke fear, and to turn off the influences of fear.  Yes there are things and situations to be aware of to be safe but those are about being a conscious human being. 

So instead of fear today, try these positive states of mind:

When fear comes up, focus on what you love

When you worry, focus instead on actions you can take

When you want control, remember the only control is in our thoughts

When anxious, turn to following the breath and relax

When charged with negative emotions, find a way to let them go through exercise or different thoughts

When disappointed, find reasons to appreciate what is

When lonely, go out into the world and be open to inspiration

When sad, find the joys of fully being present

When lacking courage, step into the fear and do it anyway

When stuck, find something you can have fun doing

When lacking direction, go in search of your unique purpose

When overwhelmed, sit in silence and build a relationship with your spirit

 Have a fearless week.