Expanding Into Life

As I get older the temptation is to be more cautious, do what is familiar, go where I know, coast along even when more vigorous action is called for and in general be more passive about doing things. This is a natural progression if you are playing it safe and your body is feeling older. 

I feel these tendencies in a number of aspects of my life.  For example my running is less push and more cruise; my weekends are less doing and more relaxing.  These are ok tendencies but this sometimes means settling for less or missing out on adventures out there waiting for me.  As I write this I think I want more adventure and less caution.

I want to choose to be more expansive and less contracted.  This means deciding which paths to follow and grow and which ones are playing it too safe?  What I am drawn to are inner explorations that interest me.  These practices include: OBE’s (out-of-body experiences), walking meditations in nature, healing techniques, energetic practices and much more.  Creative expressions including my writing and my art are also strong callings.  Purposeful self-directed work is also very satisfying.  I love to feel alive and energized so I know that means both being and doing.  Being and doing are being fully present to my inner life and also taking action where it is needed.

Life feels so much more alive when I stretch myself; when I go into my investigation and exploration mode.  There is an infinite number of possibilities out their waiting to be explored and I want to get as much out of this life as I can.  There is always more to see, do, and experience.

Working for an organization feels restrictive and freedom is much more appealing but steady income is also good.  The challenge is to balance my needs for freedom and my needs for income.  With 40 hours a week limiting my options I make the best out of it by satisfying my need to be engaged in purposeful work that helps inspire the best in the clients I work with.  Even with my purpose satisfied, I find myself wanting more meaningful activities so I write and do my practices with happiness as my measure of success.

The intention is to be alive in all that I do, to get all I can out of my day, to expand into new and wonderful adventures, and to have lots of fun along the way.  This is healing energy for my body when I feel my age.  I may be slower and have less altitude in my flights but my mind can still reach the sky. 

Where have you contracted and where do you feel the need to expand?  Are you ready to go for more?  If you take the chance to expand more into the way you live, the energy and inspiration will take you to a nice place called happiness.