Happiness Is The Goal

The most rewarding goal for a life well lived is happiness.  Happiness means you feel good about yourself and your life; so good that it actually makes you feel warm inside and uplifted.  Happiness is the ultimate feedback that your life is on the right track.  When you feel happy you know you are being who you are and doing what you know is right. 

Happiness begins inside and spreads out into your experiences.  If you feel contentment with yourself, have compassion for all of who you are, are accepting and non-judging of the unique person you have become, and live with purpose, then you can be happy person.

Happy people create a happy life.  Happiness is something you can create as simply as changing your thoughts and opening your heart.  If you want to be happy, you can choose to be.   

So what are you to do if you find happiness an infrequent visitor in your life?  There are some simple techniques that can help you do some internal readjustments if happiness is what you want:

One is to become mindful of what is going on inside you mind.  Make sure your self-talk and thinking are allies to happiness and not downers like blaming, complaining and demands of your ego.  A mind set of being positive and happy most often reaches its goals.

If you find yourself: churned up inside, unsettled, restless, feeling uneasy or ready for a change, then happiness may be just a few insights away from reality.  This exercise will help change the discomforts into brighter and more fun moments. 

When you find yourself being uncomfortable with your inner landscape it works well to identify what part of you is not doing so well.  Then you ask that part of you what is it you want?  Example – your stomach is talking to you about what is going on, you then ask it what does your stomach want to communicate to you?  If you listen the stomach will let you know. 

The next step is to take that feedback and ask it what it needs?  The need response from the stomach may be I need you to watch what you eat especially when you know it makes you not feel well. 

The final step is to ask what action needs to be taken.  The action your stomach requests could be that you commit to eating better and healthier. 

So unblocking blocks to happiness could be as simple as understanding your wants, fulfilling your needs and taking the necessary action to make this all work out.

Remember ultimately happiness is a choice you make moment to moment throughout you day.  Isn’t time you choose happiness and get the fun benefits of life you enjoy?