We The People Want Healthcare And Much More

The US House of Representatives voted yesterday to appeal the Health Care reform bill.  The Senate most likely won’t go along.  Is Congress representing the needs of the people of this country or the money interests of those who profit from denying claims? The answer to me is crystal clear - they represent the forces of greed and totally lack compassion.  The GOP claims this is a budget issue.  They do not mind spending billions for War that we shouldn’t be in and spending billions more to bail out the financial sector but to spend money on the needs of the people is bad for the budget.  I think the saying about "Bailing out Wall Street and screwing Main Street" is a guiding principle of many of our elected representatives in Washington DC who are own by corporate interests. 

Don't all the people in Congress get incredible health care paid for them by the federal government?  According to their political rhetoric that would make Congress a socialistic organization.  The socialistic misinformation is pure scare tactic, which only works if people are not paying attention to the truth.  They must think we the people are ignorant masses willing to put up with their double talk and heartless ways.  Are we?

  • Maybe it is time for a revolution of compassion, a revolution based on higher consciousness rather than the rationalizing ego-mind of those who care only about power?
  • Have you had enough yet of greed running our national agenda? 
  • Are you feed up enough to let our elected officials know that we matter more than profit margins? 
  • Isn't it time we let those in Washington DC know that the people are the power of this government not them and their misguided agendas? 
  • How long do we let their false misinformation of fear driven rationalization be used to manipulate us?  

We are much stronger and wiser then that and most of us know we cannot afford to let this nonsense continue and we know we deserve better:

We the people care about each other and our planet

We the people are smart enough to see the falsehood of those that seek only more power

We the people deserve quality health care

We the people have the right to honest politicians not owned by anyone

We the people have compassion for the suffering of others

We the people have had enough of the bickering in Washington DC

We the people are capable of rational thought beyond narrow belief systems

We the people are tired of the record profits for corporations while we all struggle to make it.

We the people understand what is going on and we are not going to stand for it any more

We the people are tired of our leaders going to war against the wishes of the majority of us

We the people are not fooled by the rescue of banks and the taking of our homes

We the people are losing faith in our elected officials who seem to not care about our needs

We the people are open to a greater vision for this nation and together we can find hope

We the people are not sheep willing to be led by the nonsense of small mindedness

We the people recognize the bogus agendas that are used to deflect us from what is important

We the people are wise enough to see that government has problems that we can fix

We the people know that when we come together for the common good we can find solutions

We the people believe in our nation to be innovative and motivated to succeed even in the most challenging of times

We the people do not fear change, we welcome it because we know it is necessary

We the people have open minds and are willing to try new ideas

We the people know unchecked capitalism doesn’t work because greed has no heart

We the people are accepting of people of all beliefs and points of view because we are wise enough to know we can learn from everyone

We the people are conscious enough to know that we are all brothers and sisters who share this beautiful planet together. 

We the people believe in love, happiness and peace because we know what we are capable of being

What would you add to this declaration of need for real and positive changes?