An Avenue Of Insight Worth Exploring

Lately I have had some interesting insights that I wanted to share with you.  At Insights At The Edge (find more info at Sounds True, see ad here at blog) recently I was listening to one of my favorite writer being interviewed.  Dan Millman has written several really interesting novels and self-help books including, The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior.  He mentioned a system he uses to help people gain insight into who they are and I went and found his book.  Dan’s system using birth date is something I was skeptical of but after reading his ideas I now have information about myself that I am exploring and gaining new awareness.

In this numerological system he has put together, I am a person who has to learn to deal with power and abundance.  As I read through what he had to say I began to examine my view of myself and the familiar issues of my life.  What I saw has shaken me in a positive way. 

Power provokes a mixed bag of reaction within me.  When I think of power, I think of ego’s gone wild.  My posts regularly question the destructive ways of people hungry for more power.  On the other side of power hunger is power denial.  I work almost every day trying to help people claim their own power.  I see now that my passion to help other find their power is because I have for so long been in denial of my own.  As they say, “We teach what we need to learn.” 

It has taken me over 30 years to step more progressively into the power I have to help others.  This power is in all of us and because of my exploration of consciousness and compassion I have access to it.  I am a very good therapist according to all the people around me.  Yet I still feel that I can be better and focus on that rather then on stepping fully into the power of who I have become through my lifelong search into human nature.   I see myself as humble and caring human being helping others. This view of self is accurate but may also be in denial of my power because I judge being powerful in some negative way.  (Most of us limit ourselves by our limiting thoughts and beliefs.)

What will it take for me to fully step into being a powerful person in the world?  As a reminder to myself: I can be powerful in helping others find their own power; I can be powerful as an agent for positive change both individually and systemically; I can awaken and spread my awakening by being powerful and compassionate in the world.  This is all a deeper and more empowered way for me to view myself.   More on this as my exploration continues.

Then there is money in my life, which has usually been enough to get by on but rarely more.  Abundance is not how I would describe my financial situation but I feel an opening is being created and a rich flow is on the way if I allow it to be.  As I write this I want to push the blocks to abundance out of the way and say. “Ok already.”  More insight and abundance is on the way here.

It is ok for me to have power and abundance and it is ok for you to also.  If you are a social activist be sure and read my previous post and enjoy your weekend.