Football Players And Those Who Claim to Know God’s Will

It is a big football weekend if you are a fan of the Super Bowl.  The two team to play in this mega event will be determined on Sunday.  The college championship was recently decided and Cam Newton of Auburn thanked God for the win.  After an NFL game last weekend one of the players again thanked God for the win.  This got me thinking about why would athletes and others think God was on their side.  Is this some kind of mass hypnosis that happens with people who attend church?  The idea that whoever God is would take sides in a football game or other athletic events is absurd and even arrogant.  Come on people isn’t it time to examine your own thoughts and be aware of what kind of nonsense this kind of thinking is?   

People also thank God for all kinds of other things that make little of no sense.  I hear people say they have given their life to God and whatever happens its basically on God.  This seems like a way to not take full responsibility for their life and to also avoid looking at what part they had to play in how things worked out or not.  Taking responsibility is part of being a mature human being and giving this up to some idea of who they think God is lacks clarity at the least. 

The life we live is about us, our intentions, our purpose, our awareness, our thoughts, our heart, our compassion, our unique expression, our wisdom and also about our spiritual nature.  If we so call, “give it all to God,” then where is it that we have free will and take responsibility for the way we shape our life?

It seems to me that all religious beliefs are to be questioned because all religions and all so-called sacred texts are creation of human beings not of God.  Yes many have claimed inspiration from God but their claims needs to be questioned.  In my work as a Mental Health professional, I have heard many say that God was working through them and they got better when they got the right medications. 

The whole basis of many religions is dependent on blind faith and frankly no one should have blind faith if they can see, feel and think.  Isn’t it time we tell those who claim to know God’s will to keep it to themselves? 

Our spiritual nature is about our inner experience not about what others tell us it should be.  This inner journey towards compassion and consciousness is what gives life real meaning not the ramblings of others who tell us what to think and believe.  

We have all been given an amazing mind, a heart with an endless capacity to love, and a spirit that is infinite. Why would we settle for the limited view of those who clearly are lost in the thoughts and beliefs of their own mind?