A Simple Formula For Self-Exploration And Insight

There is great wisdom in you if you take the time to tune in.  That knowing is easily available by noticing what is going in you in response to the events of the moment.  Tara Brach a well-known meditation teacher and psychotherapist (another excellent free interview/podcast over at Sounds True, Insights At The Edge see ad) defines four steps she uses working with people who seek a deeper understand of themselves.  The four steps are contained in the word RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Not You).

As I listened to Tara I got excited because she put into a simple format a way I could guide my clients.  Addicts so often are very disconnected from their bodies, thoughts, and emotions and this practice moves people into awareness.   This awareness exploration would be helpful to you my reader also if you do so with a spacious heart.  Here is how I see you using her ideas:

Recognize - When you experience something going on inside see if you can get in touch with what it is.  Recognizing what is going in inside brings you to a higher level of self-awareness.  Do this with kindness and compassion for self.  In identifying your thoughts, your emotions and your sensations, you see what inner forces are influence your outer life.

Allow – Absolutely everything that comes up in you; that gets stirred by the happenings of life is ok, do your very best to not judge but instead allow.  When you allow what is to be, you bring acceptance to yourself.  This acceptance is a healthy way for you to build your self-esteem and confidence.  Allowing is a gentle acknowledgement and acceptance of your inner process.

Investigate – What comes up in you is worth exploring.  In that investigation you will expand what you know about yourself, your triggers, your reactions, and other opportunities for awareness. If you take the investigation deeper you might even come face-to-face with core issues, old beliefs, blocks that have been holding you back and other aspects that need to be left behind.  Sometimes in that investigation healing happens and you figure how to move on from parts of you that was getting in your way. 

Not You or Non-Self – The other part of this investigation is that if you do it thoroughly enough, you will see that what is happening in you is not you.  Most of the chaos of your life is about the thoughts you have and the emotions these thoughts generate.   When you recognize what is going on, allow it to be, and investigate it, you naturally step back from the drama and observe it rather than be caught up in it.  This is personal freedom in the moment.

It is so easy to get caught up in the parade of your thoughts and the roller coaster of your mind.  Next time let it RAIN and you will invite a new level of consciousness into your life.