Finding Our Perfect Balance

Finding our balance is important.  There are key aspects of balance and they include: mind, body, emotions, and energy.  Let's look at each of these aspects and see why they are important and what we can do to bring balance.

The mind is in general so out of balance as it whirls through endless activity of 50,000 plus thoughts per day.  These thoughts are frequently repetitive and familiar and made up of old ideas, beliefs, fears etc. and oftentimes negative and limiting.  When the mind is not managed it can be very disturbing and disabling.  The ego run mind is crazy making for most because all it cares about in power, looking good and being right.

The mind can be brought into balance through mindfulness, meditation, focused attention and other practices. With awareness our mind can settle, can slow down and can be trained to observe, question and investigate its own nature.  A quiet mind is peaceful and unlimited.

The body is intricate system that is always trying to keep itself in balance.  An out of balance body is prone to illness, injury and disease.  A stressed body is hyper-activated and can have a difficult time coming into balance.  A tired body needs rest so it can renew itself.  

The body can come into balance by getting the rest it needs, a healthy diet, the right amount of exercise, positive de-stressor activities and time to slow down and take it easy.  A relaxed and healthy fed body is full of aliveness and fueled up for action

The emotions we feel are products of our thinking.  Some kinds of thoughts make us feel off balance and out of sorts while other thoughts have us feeling happy and hopeful.  Our emotions can be like a roller coaster of ups and downs in which we can feel out of control.

Emotional well-being comes from respecting all emotions free of judgment and allowing them all to be as they are.  When we are mindful of our emotions we see they are constantly changing and there is no reason to try and control them.  By being fully present we shift our feelings to positive states like joy, peace and hope.

The energy we have is a direct response to our thoughts, our body and our feelings.  If our thoughts are enlivening, we feel uplifted and energized.  If our thoughts are negative and our feelings worrisome we can be depleted of the energy needed.  Low energy is an indication that we have lost our way.

If we direct our thoughts we can expand our energy.  If we feel and appreciate our emotions we expand our energy.  If we take good care of our body we feel lots of energy.  If we balance all aspects of us we feel enlivened.  Energy is a sign that we are in harmony with who we are, with are living with meaning and purpose and we have a relationship with our higher nature.

Two other areas to balance in life are our relationships and our exploration of our higher nature.  If we lose ourselves in our relationships we can easily get way out of balance.  A healthy relationship means time to relate and time to self.

In the exploration of our higher nature there is an interesting happening, usually there is more balance the more we tune into the inner wisdom/intuition.  This enhanced balance is because we are guided from within towards finding what is right for us.  Knowing our Higher Self does wonders for us at so many levels.