Owning Your Power To Create

Let’s all settle down for a few minutes and take a real look around.  Everything we see is a creation of the universe including ourselves.  Is there any doubt that the universe has an unlimited potential for creation.  Everything is made up of the same basic units called particles.  All human creations and all creations of the universe are made up of the same building blocks, which came into physical reality by an organizing force something like thought.  We humans are very inventive and creative and all we have created began as thoughts. 

So who is the thinker of thoughts for the universe?  Are we separate from that organizing force which could be called the universal mind?  Do we have the same potential for creation as does the universal mind?  If there is this unlimited field of possibilities throughout the universe, isn’t that unlimited field of possibilities in us also?

Let’s you and I imagine that what is possible anywhere in the universe is possible within us.  Since that appears to be true, what matters most to you and what is holding you back from manifesting it in the world? 

The point of this speculation is that we all possibly settle for too little.  We take what we got and do the best with it.  We keep are hopes subdued.  We settle for less because we have self-doubts.  We take the easier way because the unknown scares us.  We stay with the familiar because it is easier.  We put our dreams aside telling ourselves to be rational.  We ignore our purpose because we prefer the control of what we think we know.  And this story of less instead of more goes on and on. 

Take out a piece of paper and write down 10 things you want to manifest in your lifetime.  Look at that list daily and start to imagine each one coming true.   Believe you are the creator of your own life with the same powerful capacities of the Universe.  Keep on believing in a relaxed and focused way and those 10 desires will show up in physical form in your life.

My Top 10 include:

  1. Totally freedom financially and to create each day
  2. Make a positive difference in the world by spreading consciousness and compassion everywhere I go as a way to bring peace to the world
  3. Travel to amazing, beautiful and sacred places on the planet
  4. Have a foundation in which I can give millions of dollars each year to those who also spread consciousness and compassion for a peaceful world
  5. Give generously to individuals and causes I want to support
  6. Encourage the creative expression of all human beings
  7. Spread the ideas of mindfulness and meditation to all so their light inside can shine in the world
  8. Help everyone realize the importance of our higher nature and listening to our intuition.
  9. Live each day in appreciation of the moment, appreciate the beauty of all of life, and be peaceful
  10. Have a wonderful home on the Pacific Coast near or in Santa Barbara

 What’s on your list?