More About Greed Winning And Time For A Change

Today is Friday and it is suppose to be 60 degrees and I would rather be playing than going to work.  Making a living working 40 hours a week gets really boring sometimes.  Why is there so much useless paperwork to satisfy funding when the funding is so poor?  This is where government and regulations get to be stifling.   I understand sometimes the frustration with government.  The positive thing is there are rules that are followed and these rules are formed to regulate government so it doesn’t go out of control.

Regulation is essential yet there are many who argue for less regulation in business even in the face of the disaster of the financial world over the past few years.  These people who argue against regulations probably profited from the losses.  Can you really imagine unchecked commerce looking out for what is good for the people and the planet?  Actually business will be looking out for what is good for the few.   Unregulated business means greed wins.  Unregulated business means the values go down the tubes and the very rich get richer.  That is the legacy of the Bush years and is unfortunately continuing in the Obama years. 

The clear fact is: our government is run by corporations, their money, and the influence they buy. 

Here are more facts that should make us all say this is enough and we are not going to put up with it anymore:  “In almost every statistical category, American workers are worse off than they were a decade ago, while the rich are getting richer. Foreclosures and health insurance premiums are through the roof.”

What will it take for things to change?  Do we have the courage and determination to win out over very powerful forces set on eliminating healthcare for all, set on privatizing or eliminating Medicare and Social Security?  Is the fight worth it?  Yes it is for two very important reasons:


  1. Most of us have worked all of our lives making mediocre wages and will need healthcare, Medicare and Social Security to survive.
  2. This is a fight worth fighting because it is about living by higher values and about compassion vs. greed.  

Let’s not kid ourselves because the writing is on the wall and the arrogance of those in power will try to rationalize the elimination of our safety net to balance the US budget when they are the ones that blew it up with their poor business practices and their thirst for more power in the name of war. 

As I have been saying for a while, the time for a revolution of compassion and consciousness is now.  These are the only two forces powerful enough to win against greed.  These peaceful but powerful forces come from the infinite human heart and the eternal human soul.