Books, Mystical Experiences, Sadhguru and Our Ultimate Nature

“Life as you know it is not a barrier.  If realizing your ultimate nature is the only priority of your life, everything you do will naturally orient itself towards that.  Your work, your relationships, your love, your money, your very life’s breath will orient itself toward your ultimate nature.  The experience of every little human thing you do becomes extremely fulfilling and joyful when it is done in the light of great purpose.”  Sadhguru

My reading takes me very interesting places and sometimes way beyond the story and my thoughts.  This quote is from a yogi, mystic and teacher named Sadhguru.  In the book Midnights With The Mystic, Sadhguru dialogues with one of his students named Cheryl Simone.  This book came to me by accident at the local used bookstore and what a wonderful accident it was. 

This morning I was tuning in and remembered a powerful experience I had years ago.  Through visualization I was able to recreate this expansive experience and move it forward into the present of this morning’s inner practice.  Here is the experience:

One day while meditating I realized I was in an altered state.  When I noticed this state I gently explored it so as to not let my mind chase myself out of it.  (The ego-mind always wants to push us away from in the moment mystical type experiences because the ego feels so out of control.)  I noticed who I was had extended beyond my body and it felt like the entire house expanded and contracted with my breath.  At that time a large crow landed outside my window and I noticed I could also enter into the crow and see the world from the bird’s perspective.  I enjoyed this state of expansion but soon my ego-mind took me out of this state probably questioning how could this be?

Well this morning I remembered that experience and I continued it except I entering a red tailed hawk who had recently come to sit outside my office.  Through visualization and soon an out of body experience, I flew upward riding the updrafts I often see the hawks use here in Boulder.  I went up and up until I came to this mystical place called Sacred Mountain.  There I met a Divine Mother who called herself Ma Ananda who shared insights with me and gave me her blessing. 

Before long I found myself back in my room and I picked up Midnights With The Mystic and I came upon the above quote.  I have long been a student of the human potential movement and higher consciousness and this quote seemed to bring a clarity of purpose that summarized my inner work the past 35 years.  I have clearly been living my life in the pursuit of my ultimate nature.  Today I even more fully commit to the purpose of realizing my ultimate nature.  

I will gladly share with you what I learn as I further explore and express my highest nature.  Please do the same with me.  I have been sharing my journey with you here at this blog for just about 4 years.  I have learned so much during this time and keep learning.  I anticipate the learning curve is taking a sharp turn upwards with my even greater clarity of purpose and I look forward to sharing with you my journey.

After reading the quote, I went back to my inner focus and Sadhguru’s image came clearly to mind and I said I would like to study the techniques he teaches.  He clearly said come to India and I will teach you so you can teach others.  My rational mind popped into the conversation and said I need a sign like the money to make the trip or a phone call from him or one of his people telling me how I can make this happen.  I am open to receive any and all guidance and/or funds I need to help me with the realization of my ultimate nature.  

May your journey be clear and purposeful each day.