Ego Remedies In An Ego Dominate World

As I write often the human ego is the greatest source of suffering on the planet.  All wars are started because of human ego.  All corporate greed is about human ego.  All abuse is about human ego.  All individual suffering is about the human ego.

The ego does not actually exist in physical form but is more a concept of the mind.  The ego is not bad but it can take us way off track.  The ego always wants to be in control because it is on a mission to protect us from the world around us.  The ego is not ever focused on the present because it spends every watchful moment covering our backside (the past) or leading the way into the future.  Fear is the dominant theme of the ego.  The more fear we feel the more the ego takes charge.

There are some things you can do to take back your life from ego’s domination.  The following are ego neutralizers and worth exploring and using.

Mindfulness – the multi-forms of this practice bring you into the now where the ego has no control and puts your higher nature in control.  There are classes on mindfulness in most communities.  Meditation is mindful practice that is really helpful.

Brain wave sound recordings – There are lots of brain wave recordings used to alter the ordinary state of your mind.  This technology is really interesting to explore if you are want in enhance brain function, higher consciousness, optimal states of mind and much more.

Developing impartiality – Impartiality is the ability to step back and to observe you free of your judging mind.  Judging is the activity of the ego.  Having a non-judging observer as part of your process opens you to quiet the ego and to choose to free yourself from the ego’s influence.

Awareness – To be aware means you know who you are and what is going on inside of you.  The activities of the ego are noticeable because you can sense the ego's negative and contracted ways.  Awareness brings you the opportunity to make choices instead of being run by the needs of the ego.

Tapping (EFT) – This meridian based emotional freedom technique is used to help you rewire your programming, conditioning and responses so that your thinking is present focused.  The ego would prefer to focus on what you could be afraid of and on what you can’t control.  Tapping brings you into what is possible now not what was.

Mantra/inner sound focus – There are inner sounds that we can tune into or borrow from great spiritual traditions.  If you take the time to listen inward you will hear a quiet vibrating tone within you that is linked to all being on the planet.  In addition to this inner sound there are many practices based on mantras that have been used for centuries to help people awaken to their ultimate nature.  Both the inner sounds and mantras bring you fully into the moment.

Affirmations – When the mind and emotions are going haywire because the ego is taking control of you, affirmations can create positive, nurturing and energetic vibrations.  “I Am” is simple but powerful affirmation of acceptance of self.  Self-acceptance negates the egos influence inside.

Love – The opposite of fear and the ego world is love.  If you find yourself with a dominating ego, one of the best antidotes is to lead your thoughts and heart towards what you love.  Genuine love always wins out over the attempted power grabs of the ego.  (caution: If the ego is seeking gratification it can do so in a false sense of love.) 

Out-of-body experiences – The practices of OBEs are interestingly humbling.  The more you tune in and see how much of you has nothing to do with ego, or approval, or control, or power the sooner you find freedom.  OBEs are a practice that only works in the now and in the now the ego is powerless.

Be present – The key towards being free of the ego’s dominating personality is to remain in the present moment.  The now is the kryptonite of the ego.  Being present can take place anywhere and any way including: exploring creative expression, singing a song, laughing with friends, enjoying a good meal, listening with compassion to a friend, walking in nature, being fully present while washing dishes, appreciating the beauty that is around you, reading an uplifting book, and an endless number of other activities of being. 

There is much more to explore and if you listen in you will find your own methods to put the ego in its place so that you are free to enjoy your life.