Beyond Stuck And Familiar, There Are Endless Possibilities

 The weather has turned nasty here with a high of 3 degrees for today.  I prefer to workout outside but that may not happen because I could just be running along and freeze mid-stride and not make it back home.  Maybe the gym is my answer but running on a treadmill seems so wrong, lifeless and unnatural.  Life can feel too much like being on a treadmill and getting nowhere, as it is.  This stuck state is too familiar and I have come to the realization that this is not what life is about even though it may seem awfully real at times.  Being stuck happens because: you and I close down; we play it safe; we tell ourselves it is ok to take it easy; we settle for the deep groove of ego-driven familiarity; we lose hope; we can’t figure out what to do, or we just stop caring. 

Yet there is this desire, this urge to see what else is possible in us but we too often turn away from it.  We turn away because we sense the fear of the unknown lurking.  Our mind is a good companion in the game of avoidance we play.  Sure we could go for something totally predictable or take some big risks and not have any idea what the outcomes will be.  The easy way may not be so easy since it usually includes settling for less but it sure masquerades as tempting.

So if you were to choose the mystery, the unknown, the call to step into your courage and power could you actually be making a mistake? No!  You may fall down and scrape your knee but the joy of skipping out of the doldrums will be worth the dance with fear you may encounter.   The known is predictable but often lifeless.  Doing what you know is right for you is often far from predictable and just what you need. 

The story in your head, the drama of your life, the reverberations of past are all about what was and now have no basis in reality because much of you longs for something more than what is predictable.  You have the freedom today to create the life you want.  Yes it may take some time to get there.  That is the journey, which is fun in itself.  The outcome desired is the reward of taking risks and moving into action when it is needed. 

Your guide and courageous force is love, love beyond the sparks that fly with an attraction, this is the kind of love that weaves through the beauty of all things, that holds the universe together, and ultimately is your spirit.  Love gives you the bounce you need to move forward beyond the busy mind and the lusty ego in search of more stuff.   You with heart and mind aligned create an amazing life.

If you are ready open you heart, tune into where you need to go, recognize the challenges awaiting you and then leap into action.