Seeking A Greater Understanding

Lately I have been re-reading both The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra.  There is great wisdom in these two books and I am trying to raise my consciousness to better grasp that wisdom.  My wife and I are ready for more freedom in life and we know a better flow of money would be very helpful.  We also have friends/family we want to help that need a better flow so I turned to Deepak Chopra because he obviously has opened to an amazing flow.

So far I now more clearly understanding that we and all things are created of the same energy and information.  That there is little difference in all of creation other than different thoughts, which seem to have a power to influence what is created.  This idea of the power of thoughts may seem directly contradictory to the idea I write about “that thoughts are not real. “  Thoughts appear to be both real and not real.

As best as I can explain this difference at this time is that there are the thoughts of our ordinary mind, which are rarely focused enough to realized their power to create.  Then there are the thoughts of our higher nature, which has an infinite ability to create.  Most of the time, you and I hang out on the ordinary level of thinking.  Thus the results we create are ordinary.

I want to significantly improve on these results and I suspect this would interest all of you who stop by to ready my blog.  I want to think at the level of extraordinary and to create from my higher nature.  To do that I will need to make a shift in consciousness.  So far I have yet to clearly figured out how to do this.  Therefore I have returned in search of the yet elusive wisdom that exists in the words of these books by Dr. Chopra. 

These books link quantum physics and consciousness in a way that offers a deeper understanding of how all things work.  Yet I still seem to lack the higher consciousness necessary to turn these theories into material manifestation.  I am however determined to find the keys and open to the flow.  Gratefully there is already a wonderful flow of love, health, inspiration and creativity in my life so I know part of the spillways have been opened. 

Please travel with me over this Year of Positive Changes on my journey to a more full realization of the flow, to abundance and prosperity, and to the personal freedom we all long for and know is our right as children of the Universe.