Ego-Mind Or Open Heart

The eight inner keys to success in the previous post will permanently enhance your life is so many ways.  These are very exciting times and all we have to do is show up as fully as we can and the results will come pouring in.  On a personal level we have much we can influence in our lives.  This is reassuring because once we move on from our lives and look at the large picture optimism can be harder to find.  

Yesterday while reading some articles I felt myself being very stirred up and decided it was time to do one of my political commentaries because it is necessary for things to shift at so many levels.  With the greed driven corporations and investors dictating much of the policy in our nation’s capital, the new Congress is going to try and dismantle the recent health care reforms.  This is so petty and small minded that I can hardly believe the pure greed of this move. 

After they attempt to rid us of healthcare, they will take on Medicare and Social Security to make sure no one gets anything they would call an entitlement.  This interesting use of entitlement, on most of us that make very mediocre wages and need reasonable help from the government, is what in psychology we would be called a projection.  Projection means to put onto others what is more true about you.  Those that have vast financial resources often feel entitled to have more and more and feel it is ok to take it from the people who they see as not as deserving as they are. 

This fear-based, ego-driven way of seeing the world is from the viewpoint that there is never enough.  They can have millions and millions of dollars even billions of dollars and live in fear of not having enough.  What kind of mixed up thinking is that?  That is called living in fear even though the circumstances are far from it.  This is the ego-mind at work.  The ego-mind makes us uncomfortable in the present and encourages us to worry about the future.  These are all thoughts that are not real but because we focus on what we are afraid of even in the midst of the great prosperity, fear takes charge.

If you have millions and still live in fear there is never peace, never time to enjoy, there is just the drive to seek more.  This drive means rationalizing money schemes like derivatives, setting up tax havens, firing employees to up the profit margin, shipping jobs overseas, bashing those that need government to make health care and old age something we can survive.  Where is the heart in all of this?  There is none because fear is in charge.

If a person lives in fear they are shut down in their heart.  Fear is the opposite of love, compassion, kindness and caring.  Fear is a contracted heart run by an ego mind. 

So a nation run by those in fear and guided by their ego-minds can only lead to a disaster.  That has been the truth of many governments over history and all of those governments created failure in the pursuit of greed. 

What is truly needed in all of us is an open and compassionate heart and then fear will shrink away.  There are no forces on this planet more powerful than love and compassion.  If we live according to these higher values then we as a people and as a nation can resolve all of our issues.