Eight Keys For Amazing Success In 2011

Today I wanted to share with you what I think are the key ideas for creating the best results in 2011.  Many of these ideas will seem familiar if you read my blog often but I hope to bring to these ideas a greater clarity so you might benefit from them even more than you have in the past.  This greater clarity is because my own explorations have shed more light on these keys for success.

  1. It may not surprise you that the first idea I share with you is the importance of being fully present.  If you are fully present each day to what you want to create in your life, you will have many options throughout the day leading you towards your desired outcome.  Clarity in the moment about what you want brings a clarity of methods to get there.  Being fully present allows you to be available to the guidance and possibilities in the now.
  2. You must have an activated and open heart ready to energize your intentions, move energy to make things happen and have a passion for what matters to you.  You being fully charged with emotions and love for where you are going will get you there in powerful ways.  Having the heart of lion courageous against challenges won’t hurt either.
  3. Inward there is this voice that must be listened to if you want to thrive in the world.  This voice is not the ego mostly run by fear.  This voice is the intuitive knowing of your higher nature, of the wise stillness within.  This voice is directly linked to the creative force of the universe, which know what it is up to.  When you allow yourself to be guided by this higher knowing success is guaranteed.  Intuition is your inner voice of wisdom, your guidance system to success. 
  4. If you get stuck and don’t know where to go, the answer is, “you go towards joy.”  When joy is calling you, you have to be present to hear it.  Joy tells you that you are doing what is right for you and that is why it feels so good.  This act of wisdom was clearly stated by the late Joseph Campbell who said the key to a well-lived life is to, “follow your bliss.”  If it feels good it probably is just where you need to be. 
  5. Personal freedom is a really good thing so your goal is to free yourself.  Freeing yourself is to strip away all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs and viewpoints that are holding you back or limiting you in any way.  This removal of blocks is complicated because it is best done by being able to step aside and watch you and what you do without judging.  If you watch with compassion your ways of living, you can decide what thoughts are working for you and which ones are getting in your way.  These insights have the power to totally set you free.
  6. Push yourself to think big, avoid settling for less, for being less, for only showing up part way.  You have been given this ability to imagine without limits.  What you can imagine, you can create.  If each day you seek wisdom and awareness then you will keep growing in what you think is possible.  Big thoughts create big results.
  7. Live each day with purpose and your life will be filled with meaning.  Your purpose is to more fully express who you are which will benefit all of us.  A purpose filled life is very satisfying because you are doing what you are here in this life to do.  The more you stay true to your purpose, the more success will flow in your direction.  Purpose often evolves over a lifetime so let yourself be guided as you go.
  8. Lastly and maybe most important of all is to learn to dance with spirit.  Your spirit is you before this lifetime and ongoing after you leave this body behind.  Your higher nature/Self are one with your spirit.  To live in accordance with the guidance of your spirit empowers you to create the most amazing life.  Your spirit invites you each day to be more fully the greatness in you and if you listen and follow you will have a super life.  So doing the spirit dance means living life creatively, with boldness, love, passion, freedom, purpose, joy and peace as fully as possible each moment of each day.  This is a successful life and the rewards will be many.