Positive Possibilities and Upsetting News

This is Monday day three of 2011 and it is time to get back at it.  I feel certain that this year will be full of positive changes.  However my first significant news I received is that one of my sisters has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I come from a family of six kids and she is the youngest of all of us.  This news is both upsetting and a clear reminder that life is to be lived as fully as possible because you and I never know when it is our time to be knocked off the saddle heading down the path of our life. 

Fear is a very natural response to this both for my sister and for us who care for her.  I however do not sense fear inside but rather lots of love, which I want to send to her daily.  Love and fear cannot both co-exist in us in the present moment so I suspect that is why fear is not residing in me now that I have this news.

If you have a few moments please send my sister a compassionate message from your heart so that she may gather together within her the healing resources necessary to have a full recovery.  We are our own best healers and the doctors lend a hand.  She has a very strong spirit so healing will come in powerful ways.

What matters most to you this upcoming year?  How are you going to bring your focus to making what matters happen?  If you woke up tomorrow and what you want most came together in amazing ways, what would you have done to create such results? 

For my sister, her full return to health matters most.  For me it is making the most positive differences I am capable of making toward a peaceful, compassionate and highly conscious world where everyone matters and health, well-being and prosperity flows freely to all.  What will it be for you?

This week I will share with you ideas to encourage the best possible results for you in 2011.  Have a great start this week to the New Year.