Tension Is Given, Peace Is Found

There needs to be some tension in the posts I write, is a tip I read about successful blogs.  That makes sense like a good novel or movie there needs to be some juice of life.  This got me wondering if there isn’t enough tension these days already because of the times we live in? 

Maybe an oasis is a good idea, a place to recover from the world or maybe a blog that is about how you and I can make the best out of the life we have or maybe a social activist site pushing change certainly would have enough tension.  Then I thought “no” I am not going to write to create tension but I can still include ideas that may stir you up inside, may create some of the energy of growth and maybe even discomfort as you sort through the stuff of life in pursuit of your truth and your unique expression.  What do you think about the idea of tension being important in writing and do I need more here?

I take a deep breath in and sit for a moment on the question of how I can serve my reader more?  How can I invite further awakenings?  How can I help open more channels of the mind?  How I can encourage a more vulnerable heart?  There seems to be much of the juice of life in being full present to ourselves and the world around us with a hungry conscious seeking mind and a heart that wants to keep understanding and giving.

There is a wet storm blowing sheets of rain outside and yet I feel this comfortable calmness.  It seems things are shifting at so many levels on this planet and even inside.  My inner shifting has been my practice for the last several months and the quiet time is allowing me the space to be more present.  The outside world is abuzz so having a quiet space inside seems important. 

How do you step away from the chaos?  How do you create a place of inner peace?  Where is your oasis of sanity located? How about finding a place in your heart?  How about looking into your soul for a place of quiet rest and renewal? 

Maybe there is a power place in nature where you go to listen inward or to re-energize?  No matter how supportive the people are in your life, there still needs to be a place of comfort within. 

Here is a quiet place I find helpful:  Sit or lie down in a warm place and let your breath become the focus.  As you feel your breath you naturally start to relax.  Let the relaxation deepen and then invite your Higher Self to guide you.  This guidance is always there if you listen and feel for it.  It can be so soothing to let go and let a wiser force look after you.  In the womb of your divine nature there is great peace and a wonderful flow of energy and inspiration.  Enjoy!