All Human Souls Are In Agreement

In my inner work yesterday I had a profound insight into the connection we all share at the soul level.  The insight was that all souls are very similar in the way they see the human journey.  You might wonder how I know this and what I can say is that I am in touch with the voice of my soul and the voice of the collective souls.  What I am told by my soul is that all souls are in agreement about what we human are here to do in this lifetime: 

To love unconditionally

To be compassionate towards all others

To be kind to each other

To be accepting of everyone

To be peaceful in all our interactions

To do no harm

To be hopeful for each other

To have a positive open mind

To enjoy life

To full express our uniqueness

To take responsibility for making a positive difference in the world

To be patient with each other

To love and accept ourselves

To live with purpose and passion

To live at our highest level of consciousness

To explore and express our potential

To seek awareness and insights

To find our own truths

To search for universal truths

To realize that all beings are connected at a soul level

To focus on what we appreciate

To see the beauty in each person and all of life

To question all thoughts

To remove all barriers created by limiting beliefs

To all share in the abundance of the planet

To help care for the needs of everyone

To forgive and move on from the past

To live in the present

To turn fear and worry over to trust and hope

To pass on love and hope to your children

To focus on solutions rather than what is wrong

To spend time getting acquainted with the part of you that is spiritual

Finally from what I learned it was also very clear that we all need to move away from the fear driven voice of the ego which wants to take charge and instead be guided by the wise voice of the soul.

If you do not know the truth of these ideas, you may need to quiet your mind and get in touch with your soul.

Any questions – tune inward and ask your soul.