Appreciation Brings Happiness

Appreciation is the main source of joy and happiness.  I never knew that before yesterday or I guess I never had made this clear of connection between appreciating and happiness.  When the light went on I said to myself, “Is that true?”  Then I explored the idea for a while and sure enough it made total sense.  Now I have a new insight that will positively shape my life. 

So I decided it was a good idea for each of us to make a list of things we appreciate about our life and ourselves for those moments when we need to be uplifted.  I hope that sounds interesting enough to you so that you too make up your own list.  Really we all get stuck at times, bogged down in the grind of the mind or the chaos of life.  Why not have a resource we can call upon; a list somewhere we can pull out and use to help us feel better, to inspire us?

Please feel free to borrow as many ideas as you want from my list but be sure and add your own.

What I appreciate:

  • My openness to the creative flow
  • My tireless pursuit of awakening and self-realization
  • My purpose of spreading love and light
  • My open heart and mind
  • My self-discipline for exercise and mindfulness
  • My wife and our love
  • My dog Pax who brings lots of smiles
  • My house across the street from the ocean
  • The many inspirational books that keep on showing up in my life
  • Facebook because all my friends keep sharing inspirational ideas, pictures, words and videos
  • The activism of all those out their occupying Wall Street and Main Street
  • The open minds and hearts of many on this planet
  • Earth and its endless beauty
  • The power of silence
  • My out-of-body-experiences OBE’s
  • The guidance I receive
  • The beauty of nature around me
  • The beauty of human creations
  • This moment
  • The abundance of the universe
  • The time I have now to be quiet and at peace
  • The new insights and awareness in my life today
  • The voice of my intuition, spirit, soul, higher self
  • My Macbook
  • The many ideas that flow through these finger
  • The expanding sense of consciousness
  • The collective consciousness of all beings and souls on the planet
  • Laughter at a funny video
  • Cooking a tasty meal
  • The realization that we are all brothers and sisters, that our potential is unlimited, and together we can be positive forces for change.

If appreciation brings happiness, what do you appreciate today?