Blog Action Day – Food For Everyone #BAD11, #FOOD

Today is the day that bloggers all over the world write about a specific topic to bring more awareness.  This is called Blog Action Day and it must be the 11th - #BAD11.  The topic this year is food and I have some ideas I want to share 

First no one needs to go hungry on this planet.  If you want to do something meaningful do what you can to make sure people have food eat.  Think of how rich the food supply is here in the US.  Everyone person has the right to food.

I have seen those films with people going through a dump looking for food to eat.  This makes me sick to my stomach remembering these images.  No one should ever have to do this.  We can end world hunger if we decide to do so.

The variety and amount of food at the supermarket is so amazing.  We live in such abundance.  How can we make sure everyone gets to have all the food they need?  There are people in most communities that go hungry.  How can we stop that from happening?

If you know of or see people who are having a difficult time providing food for their families and themselves than please take the time to reach out and help.  If you have any negative judgment put it aside and find the compassion in your heart.  The world needs more compassion in these challenging times.  Feeding the hungry is a noble act of compassionate.

If you want to feel positive about yourself, then give to others.  If you are feeling down, then give to others.  If you are searching for meaning, then give to others.  If you are looking for a way to make a difference, then give to others.  Food is a great way to give.   Peace and Abundance to all.