Walking In The Peace Of Nature

The morning sky is a misty blue, the ocean is mellow and the birds are chatty.  Being in the flow of nature is calming and soothing.  If I avoid the news by staying away from the websites I use to keep up with the world then the impact of the natural world fills my experience of life.  It is difficult to not get pulled into the stuff going on out there in the world of opinion and the judging mind.

Nature does no judging, doesn’t get caught up in drama.  The roar of the ocean has no ego in it.  The cool morning air has no agenda.  The quiet stream may have some wisdom to share but is not attached to being heard.  The sun warms everyone free of bias.  The moon keeps changing effortlessly. 

What would it be like if we tuned inward beyond the voice of our ego-mind and listen for our true nature?  What would our heart tell us about how to live this moment?  What intuitive guidance would be presented to us?  How would our emotions inform us about our life direction?  In what ways would our Higher Self be able to enrich our life?  How would the wisdom of the body guide us to greater health?   How would our spirit enlighten us?

If we lived more in the silence, in the space between words, in the flow of the moment, it seems that peace and joy would be what naturally comes up.  Inspiration comes on the wings of quiet moments.  Hope arrives when wise mind and compassionate heart are in residence.

If you want to join me in a quiet morning of contemplation, I would appreciate you sharing these moments with me.  I wonder how much silence would it take to quiet the noise of the collective mind?  See you in the light of a quiet now.