What Do You Love To Do?

Lately because of some of the reading I have been doing and because of what gets inspired in me from that reading, I keep thinking and feeling that the key to a better life and to a better world is love.  I know that is not a shocking idea and I have written about the power of love here many times.  There is however an aspect of love that may be underestimated.  That aspect is to love what you do.  If you love what you do if makes all of life feel better.  Loving what you do vibrates at a high level and makes it nice to be around you.  Loving what you do keeps your heart open and invites the mind to be open to.  

I want to invite you to write a list of all you love to do so that you can have it nearby when you get stuck, feel your vibrations going downward, or are having a particularly challenging day. 

I am excited to share my list of what I love to do here. 

I love spreading light and love

I love loving my wife, my dog, my family and friends and everyone else

I love expressing my Divine nature

I love cooking and eating a tasty meal

I love exploring life in many ways

I love working out in ways that energize me

I love to appreciate the moment

I love having fun and enjoying life

I love having financial freedom

I love being in the creative flow

I love writing in that creative flow

I love being in nature, walking the beach or trail in the woods

I love being inspired by great ideas

I love hearing and following my intuition

I love being a powerful force for good on the planet

I love having wonderful health and well-being in my life

I love being in the flow of abundance

I love giving and having lots to give

I love awakening and being more realized

I love supporting, encouraging and inspiring

I love teaching, speaking and presenting

I love leading workshops and retreats

I love helping people open their minds and hearts

I love having a passionate purpose

I love being guided all along the way from above and within

I love helping others expand their consciousness

I love helping people find their compassion

I love helping people through life transitions to a greater expression of purpose

I love helping people love and accept themselves

I love assisting people in expanding their health and well-being

I love teaching people how to relax and sleep better

I love helping people find happiness

I love helping people explore and express their potential, their possibilities and their uniqueness

I love teaching ideas and methods that reduce fear, worry and anger

I love helping people be more mindful

I love helping people find their way to inner peace

I love helping people become empowered

I love helping people live more fully

I love helping people realize their spiritual nature

I love helping people listen and follow their intuition
I love helping people find their light

I love helping those in need

I love promoting positive changes in the world

I love spreading peaceful ideas for inner peace and world peace


What do you love to do?