Trusting The Process Of Change

As I read through my list in yesterday’s post, I realize what I do well is what I love to do.  That makes sense doesn’t it?

Today I want to write about change as an innate process that happens more from the heart and the intuitive knowing of our higher nature.  Change is not something the ego-mind is interested in.  Predictability is important for the mind that seeks control but not for the heart or our intuitive wisdom.  There is no preplanning of results in a rationalizing need to know kind of way.  There is instead a trust in the process.  This trust comes from the belief in our higher knowing, our collective, compassionate, and evolving consciousness.

Since the OCCUPY movement began I have wondered what aspects of human nature would be the guiding force.  The ego of some must be salivating over the possible power grab or attention seeking that could happen from this movement.  Another voice within could be guided by the compassion for the suffering caused by the present policies.  Still another voice could be the evolutionary drive to move on from the limits of the present paradigm.  The voice of anger is one to be weary of unless the heart is present.   There most certainly is the voice of fear from those on the sidelines who fear change and the unknown and those with a stake in keeping things as they are.

It seems that the collective wisdom is present.  It seems compassion is present also.  Maybe this tags onto the more dramatic changes in the Eastern part of the world in a way that is less angry and more civilized because the repressive ways of the past don’t hold as strong of a hold here in the U.S.?  I don’t know and I doubt anyone does but what is clear is change is called for because we feel it is.  Yes there are many rational reasons to bring about change but those can get caught up in endless dialogue and opinion, which is not working any more.  This is a movement that must be guided by a higher voice within, by the call of the wise heart.  

If you have a copy of The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle on pages 17-20 of the paperback version, he explains the higher mind so clearly with its capacity to observe the moment.  This is the kind of wisdom needed now.  Change happens only in the now and is most powerful when a true witnessing presence is the guiding force.  This force in positive and not attached to results and thereby free of the dangerous need for control or seeking of power.

What does your higher knowing tell you about these ideas?  I feel what is right in my heart and that may be the best indicator.  Change is inevitable and to get in the way with old ideas and dogma only clogs the process.  In the flow of change with people being awake and aware, this is a process you can trust.