Writing A Book Meets My Destiny With Low Tide

For the last several weeks I have been excitedly working on a book filled with questions that will be very helpful to anyone on a path towards personal growth, who wants to be more self-realized, who seeks to keep their minds and hearts open, or just want to have more fun and experience more freedom.  This book is the most exciting project I have been inspired to create.   I am sure you will be excited too when you get a chance to go exploring with these questions and the helpful hints I supply along the way.

Today my goal is to finish the first draft of the book.  What I am noticing as I write is that when I am in the flow of inspiration the words come to me just as I am ready to type them into my computer.  There is a constant flow of ideas that seem endless and as I write them I too am inspired.  I is fun growing through my own writing.  These questions are definitely thought provoking and heart touching.

What do you do that seems inspired and effortless in your life?  If not now, what do you have a sense will turn up your energy of aliveness and make your sing with excitement?  The beach where I live is alive with the sound of music and there is no Julie Andrews as far as I can see.  

Two ideas have come to me lately that I feel a strong desire to explore.  The one is poetry because a wonderful poem can touch your heart in ways that awaken something special in you in the moment.  The other is that over about a year I have been having these most amazing experiences with my out-of-body practice.  Both these areas of my exploration of life are bound to show up here at my blog soon.

I am just yakking away here and then I thought I need to leave you with at least some idea that will make your day a little better.  The questions in this new book will leave you with many great idea but for today I want to encourage you to be creative in something you do today.  It can be a flower arranging, a creative meal, the way you interact with those you love, a love poem, a playful way of doing something different.   Your choice but make it creative for the flow and fun of it

How about a short poem fresh off the inspiration press:

Ode To The View As I Write

The still ocean called something deeper

It recognized our familiarity on the shore

An I wanted to dive into its vastness

And lose something keeping freedom away


There were people on the sea-scented bench

Not venturing far from the known

The sureness chained them in to no more

Yet they sat there wondering


Where do seeker and expert meet

If not on the common ground of nature

The mystery prays for a moment

When openness prevails and hearts weep

Wow that was fun and I could play with this short three stanza for a while but my destiny with low tide calls me.