Tips For A Little More Fun This Weekend.

I have been editing my new book much of the morning and I just returned from my low tide walk on the beach.  The beach is constantly in the midst of change.  Sand leaves and rocks appear.  Sand comes back in another place and the beach appears where there use to be only rock.  In nature change is what happens and nobody gets all riled up about it because it is just part of the process.  I wonder why we human stuggle with change so much.  Are we not natural also?  Where did our flow with change go? Maybe it is our unnatural thoughts that is the problem?

Today is Friday and it is cloudy with calm seas but 60 degrees and nice and comfortable out.  The breeze gently influencing all life southward.  Now some mist is gathering on the windows here as we prepare for a exploration of a trail that we have been meaning to finish exploring.  The sun made just a brief appearance and was cheered by all its fans. 

Hope you have a really nice weekend and remember to:

Have some fun

Be nice to yourself and those you love

Eat some good food

Go for a vigorous walk

Do something creative

Move out of your comfort zone for at least a few minutes

Change any thoughts that a blaming and complaining

Look for the beauty around you

Focus on what you appreciate

Take a few minutes at least for quiet contemplation

Do something however small to make a difference

Open your heart and spread some love

Be peaceful

Say yes to something that you will enjoy