Realizing Your Higher Self: Three Avenues To Explore

Did you know that inside of you is a Higher Self, that always knows what you need, that has the answers to all the questions you have, and can provide you with any strength you would benefit from?  If this is the case and I am confident that it is then why not get to know your Higher Self?

Can you imagine that there is a part of you that always is tuned into what you really need?  Can you imagine that there is a knowing inside that can always guide you?  Can you imagine that when you need a strength like courage, hope, inspiration, energy, power, love, compassion, determination etc. it can be there for you?  If you can imagine this kind of higher support then you can make use of it. 

The voice of the Higher Self may be in the form of intuition.  The power force behind this Self is your Spirit/Soul.  The knowing of this Self is from the collective wisdom of the Universe.  This Self is the Divine within you.

Now if you want to get to know your Higher Self there are a few ways that are simple and will enrich your life almost immediately.  Here are the methods I find very helpful in connecting to my Highest Self:

1.  The best and most powerful way to connect to your Higher Self is to sit or lie down and take a few minutes to breath and relax.  Then ask the Higher Self to connect with you.  Be open to how it communicates with you, which can be in the form of inner voice, it could be in inner images, or it could be through your heart as a feeling sense.  These are the main avenues in which this Self will interact with you.  So listen, see and/or feel this Self.

2.  You can also use visualization to connect to the Higher Self.  Imagine that there is an energy or light in the heart and it starts to expand so that it soon fills your body and surrounds it.  That can be a way to imagine your Higher Self.  This Self is supportive, encouraging, compassionate, and wants the best for you.  Imagine this energy filling you up and surrounding you in a field of love.

3.  Another way is to take out a notebook and start writing a question or note to your Self and let it write back to you through you.  This kind of writing dialog can be very helpful because it puts the inner words in plain view.  The dialog with your HS gets recorded for future reference and also when you read through the notes sometimes a whole different understanding can present it self.

If you care to let me know what you discover in communicating with your Higher Self I would greatly appreciate your sharing.