Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

The Ted Talks, which you can see over on, are often so enlightening.  Yesterday I listen to Daniel Pink on motivation and was inspired by his conclusion that the keys to motivation are: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.  This I am confident his ideas true and he as the science to back it up. Thank you Daniel for the light your spread. 

Autonomy is best translated as self-directing.  When you and I are directing ourselves it feels so much better then having someone else look over our shoulders to make sure we are doing things right.  As I have created my life now I have total autonomy and I am motivated every day to create, to spread love and light, to keep fit, and to live happily.  No one else can motivate me like the freedom I have to be who I am in the moment.

Mastery is pursuing what we do with the intention of doing it well and the ultimate goal of excellence.  What we do over time with improvement in mind makes us masters of our work, our skills, and the other ways we interacting with the world.  Mastery is confidence in what we do.  There is also a Mastery of Self, which comes from our seeking of awareness, insight and personal growth.  In Self Mastery we feel the desire to be more fully our potential and possibilities.  We trust ourselves.

Purpose is something I write often about here at the Explore Life Journal because it seems so important as we ask ourselves what is our life about.  Each of us has a unique and often evolving purpose that enriches our life is so many ways as we follow it.  To live with purpose takes us beyond our own needs and considers the greater needs of those around us, our community, all humanity and our planet.  When we work for the betterment of all beings, when love matters most, we are living a purpose that is highly motivating.

Now let’s turn this discussion more personal. 

Is autonomy important to you?  Are you creating a life that is autonomous? 

Where are you seeking mastery in your life?  Is it a skill set, a way of relating, an inward journey, or maybe a way of creative expression?

What inner purpose guides your life?  What outer purpose do you live in the world with?  How will your inner/outer purpose help make the world a better place?

Just a reminder: you are built for success, you are given the tools you need to succeed, you have a mind that can bring great focus, you have a heart that is capable of amazing courage and passion, and you have the Universe waiting to assist you.