Small Shifts Can Cause Big Changes

How does change come about?  Change begins with simple changes in thought, simple changes in vibration and simple changes is action.  These changes in thought, vibration and action can alter long-standing beliefs, send the course of history off in a new direction, and bring about movement toward much greater possibilities.  Simple shifts can have amazing ramifications.

Your personal life can shift forever by being conscious of what you are doing.  If you act unconsciously you can also shift how your life unfolds.  Just recently a young man was shot and killed near a state park by a hunter that thought he saw a bear.  That shooting was not necessary if the hunter had really been fully present to the circumstances.   Now the hunter and his grandson will be forever altered by this terrible mistake. 

A shift in how you view yourself can open many possibilities.  If you go from a false idea that you are not OK to an idea you are OK, this shift in thinking will affect your ability to move toward the life you want.  A simple shift in self-talk can significantly raise the quality of your life.

On a national level a shift from putting up with all that you think isn’t right to getting involved in a movement can bring energy to your life and inspire those around you to do something to make a difference.  The Occupy Movement is about many people who are shifting off their couches, away from the TV, and out into the world.  The profound nature of these shifts is yet unknown but may forever change our nation.

Look around your life and see what small shifts will bring greater purpose, more alignment with values, and will make a difference to yourself and those around you.  These shifts may occur by replacing old limiting thoughts about what is possible with a wider more open perspective.  You and the rest of us all can benefit from changing away from what holds us back to what opens us to more of what is possible.   Let the shifts begin.