Would You Join Me And Write A Novel In November?

In a few days I am planning on participating in a really interesting event.  You know me I like to go exploring.  November is National Novel Writing Month where people get focused, open to the creative flow and improve on their writing skills by producing a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days.  If you are interested in finding out about this event check out the NANOWRIMO organization

I highly recommend you give novel writing a try.  It is a great way to explore being creative, to do something you may have wanting to do or a push out of your comfort zone.  If you decide to jump in you can join me and many others and together we will spend in a month participating in an activity that will enrich our lives in more ways than we can imagine. 

Now I need to come up with a theme and you will too if you join in.  I love novels that uplift, that invite more out of the reader by inviting insight, and expanding the way the reader sees the world and what is possible.  That is a lot of agenda to add on top of writing an interesting story.  What kind of novels do you like?  I need a winning formula and I have several books in mind to look at how they are structured.  I am sure I can write with an openness to flow but when I have in the past I bored myself so much that I lost interest.  Maybe my flow is more interesting or I will tap into the muse of the great American novelist/

Why would I do an adventure like this?  For me it is about two things, exploring my craft as a writer and about being creative in a way that can be fun, energizing and rewarding.  If a good story comes out of it that is a plus; if I get to be a better writer that is great and; if I in some way I am in some way able to enrich the life of the reader that is even better.

There has to be some darkness/negative forces/bad guy, characters the reader could care about, a right of passage or some kind of challenge to bring out the best in the characters.  I am thinking Dan Brown type novel with a metaphysical Indiana Jones.  There is more to explore here as you can see.

What would your novel be like?  It could be biographical, a dream, about a parallel universe, a good guy kicks a bad guy’s ass, travel to foreign lands a cowboy fighting invaders from another planet, a steamy romance or whatever you want it to be.  I am sensing a walk on the wild side is inside of me, it is in you too? This would be so much more fun then any TV, Facebook or other distractions.  Are you up to the challenge?