Right Now There Is Hope, Joy and Peace

It is Friday when I write this post and I just returned from a morning walk on the beach.  Today’s walk extra special because when my dog and I got to the beach we saw two beautiful Bald Eagles standing on the shore like they were there visiting the ocean.  Across cultures the Eagle is symbolic of such ideas as the illumination of spirit, healing and creation.  I know I always feel touched by grace when I see the beauty of such a creation.  My dog went over to investigate and they flew onto some higher rocks.  There is always something magical about nature and these birds are a treat to see. 

The other magical thing about nature is it produces these amazing rocks called agates.  One of my favorite beach walking activities is looking for agates.  I live across the street from a great agate beach and I usually return home with a pocketful of all colors and kinds of amazing rocks. This full pocket for me is wonderful reminder of the abundance of the universe.  Here I am on this speck of a planet out traveling across this infinite universe picking up these little clear jewels of creation.  Life is extraordinary if I am present to the moment.

The sky is gray today but I am not feeling gray.  I choose to be in a positive state of mind no matter the circumstances.  I make that choice for the simple reason that I will feel much better in this state of mind than in one in which I let the outside circumstance shape my experience.  Instead of wanting things to be a certain way and letting the results of that wanting dictate my experience, I choose to be positive about whatever the moment brings. 

Being in the moment is always full of positive things.  When I am fully present what arises in me is joy, appreciation for nature and beauty, the excitement of being alive, hope for what is possible, peace of mind, and direct access to my loving heart.  That is much more fun than wishing something in the past was different or worrying about tomorrow.  I commit to myself to be as fully present as possible through out my day today.  Would you be interested in joining me in being present today?