Activism Is Needed, Our Rent Is Due

"Activism is my rent for living on this planet." ~Alice Walker

This quote appeared on Facebook today and it sent a shot of inspiration through me.  Thank you Alice for your clarity of thoughts and your practical wisdom about action as essential. Most of the people that show up on my Facebook share lots of inspirational stuff.  I am grateful to each person who tries to uplift others. 

How we express our purpose is the way we pay rent for living on the planet.  This purposeful expression may be in the form of: committed action, compassionate acts, sharing insights, feeding the hungry, time for contemplation, acceptance of others by shrinking the judging mind, creative expression, healing past trauma, breaking cycles of abuse, or many other ways of being engaged inwardly and out in the world.  Each of us finds our own way to be uniquely who we are and make a difference.

How would you let your purpose express itself in activism?  Here are some places where activism is needed (if they appeal to you the world we be better off for you involvement):

Election reform where the influence of money needs to be removed

Corporate influence over the people who are suppose to represent us

Reduction of profit making from those who are in the war business

Keeping the air, water and ground clean and safe

Educational reform away from testing toward creativity, critical thinking and the pursuit of truth

Education free of debt

Healthcare for everyone

Fair taxation for everyone

Honesty in government

Elimination of church involvement in government

Reinstitute the idea of conflict of interests

Investment reforms to eliminate all shady practices

Hold all banks and businesses accountable for the destructive decisions they make

Remove corporate personhood, they should only exist for the good of the people

Food for everyone

Housing for everyone

A fair distribution of wealth amongst all

An emphasis on peace not on power

Make this country about compassion not profits

Build communities of support

And other important priorities

What would you add or take off this list?