Happy Halloween To 7 Billion

Happy Halloween and lots of fun to you!

Today we have 7 billion people on the planet.  I wonder how the planet feels about that.  It seems like a lot of people but I don’t feel crowded, do you?  How do we make sure they all get the food they need?  How do we help those that need a home?  What about healthcare?  Is 7 billion sustainable on the planet?  We are a resourceful species so I am confident we can live together and care for each other.  

Why is caring for each other important?  Caring for each other means we are in touch with our hearts.  Those who don’t care about the rest of us have closed their hearts down.  To care is to be human; to not care is to have lost an important part of our humanity.   Being able to see beyond our own needs (and those we love) means we have an open and compassionate heart.  If we don’t see beyond those around us, we have missed out on exploring our unlimited capacity to love, to be kind and to have compassion.

Have you gotten to know your neighbors? Have you introduced yourself to those who look like they could use a friend?  Have you given to someone in need lately?  What ways do you give?  If you had lots of money who or how would you try to help?  These are questions to invite you to expand past self-survival, which is important but is only a small part of what we are capable of doing.  If you wanted to change the world, where would you put your energy, your resources?  What’s the passion in your heart telling you to do? 

I don’t mean to be heavy on a fun day like Halloween.  I just want to invite you out more, to have more fun because giving can be lots of fun and can make you feel really positive about yourself and what is possible in the world.  The light of giving shines brightly.  Giving always comes back to you in ways that enrich your life. 

Can you imagine a planet of 7 billion people looking out for each other?  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful place to call home?