Affirming What You Want Your Life To Be

On Sunday we traded in my 8-year-old pickup that didn’t fit our 65 lbs dog, my wife and I very well for a 2-year-old Ford Escape.  Wow the Escape is nice to drive and Pax loves the back seat.  It is like I made a step up in the world and it feels nice to me.  I feel more in the flow of abundance with this move and my work with affirmations to enrich my life.  I know my mind (and yours) is a powerful force for creating what I (you) want to experience. 

My reading lately includes a wise book called Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor, which I am finding very helpful in reminding myself about what kind of frame of mind I want to have.  This book is a fusion of quantum physics and positive thinking.  I am enjoying learning new ways of see things and being reminded of tried and true ideas.

It seems I need to read these positive mind and prosperity books on a regular basis because the ideas serve as a reminder of how I want to think and be.   I love writing affirmation of all the good ideas in this.  Writing affirmations is like charging up the battery that keeps me running on positive even when the world appears in chaos.  A positive, accepting, open, patient and hopeful mind is a true gift to yourself and to humanity. 

Here are some affirmations that you might find helpful and please feel free to use them or change them to specifically meet your needs:

I now only engage in thoughts, beliefs and emotions that attract to me the best results for my goals, hopes and purposeful actions.

I now use my imagination to soar into realms of great abundance and amazing success.

I spread love and light in all that I think, say and do.

All my actions toward self, others and my goals are filled with harmony, compassion and hope.

With my positive attitude, I am feel alive with energy in my body, with light in my mind, and with warmth in my heart.

I am aligned with the Universe in amazing ways creating amazing results

My intentions are powerful forces in my life, today I choose to be happy and at peace.

I live with purpose, love unconditionally, follow my truths, and each day become more of what is possible within. 

You can do affirmations throughout your day especially when you first wake up or before you go to sleep and whenever you need to shift to more positive energy.  Try them out, I know you will appreciate how you feel and the results you create.