Where There Is Action There Is Hope

The protesting on Wall Street and on Main Streets across the country is so positive for the future of all of us.  The Police delivered the only violence so far or otherwise it is a totally peaceful protest.  This feels to me to be the start of something like the changes in government in Egypt and elsewhere.  The people are standing up against great odds to question what is wrong with our system of government and the corporate culture of greed. 

This is about awakening to the unhealthy reality of the ego driven world we live in where CEO’s are given the status of important gods, where profits matters more than human life, where truth takes a back seat to opinions, where big money influences all the decision of our government.   The ways of Wall Street dominance are not sustainable as we have already seen.  There seems to be actually only one political party in Washington DC, that is the bought by money party.

There is great hope however the grim the situation may appear.  The hope is because people are moving into action.  They are stirred up and not willing to just sit and complain any more.  The moving into action is a sign that we together are moving from blame to taking responsibility.  We the people are this nation.  Blaming and complaining is a powerless way to stand on the sidelines.  Getting into the game, moving into action means people have decided they are the ones that need to bring about change.  The political process itself is broken for about 99% of us. So we have to become the government. 

Now the 99% of us need to focus on the common ground we share.  Here is what I think we all share together:

We all want the best for our families

We all want hope for a better future

We all want to eat and have a home

We all want access to medical care when we need it

We all want prosperity

We all want access to education

We all want a fire department and a police force

We all want a security from destructive forces

We all want the right to believe what we want to believe

We all want love and to be a part of our life

We all want peace of mind

We all want freedom to create our own life

What else would you add to this list?  There is so much common ground, how come so often we focus on the negatives between us instead of what we can do together.  It seems to me that fear is a dominating force in our disagreements.  How come we let fear play such a strong role in our lives?  The nightly news seems to feed the fear.   Down through history fear has always been used to control the masses.

If we focus on working together for our common needs and hopes then everything can be worked out.  We can set the government aside until we get them doing what we want them to do.   Yes there will be great differences of opinion about the role of government but most would agree without any government there would be chaos.

Join the protesters in any way you feel drawn to move into action.  My daily action is writing, questioning, inviting move compassion into all discussions, and spreading the light of higher consciousness in any way I can.  Will you join me?