Bringing Attention, Joining A Tribe

"The difference between misery and happiness depends on what we do with our attention."
~Sharon Salzberg

This is so true.  When my attention is on feeling appreciation, then I find so much to appreciate.

My hourly appreciations are having some interested affects already.  I feel more energized and light-hearted.  I have a growing sense of trust in things working out.  I have a positive anticipation about what new opportunities lay ahead.  My workouts have even taken on a new intensity and purpose. 

I have been reading many different ideas lately and some that get me really inspired.  A very successful blogger Sara Robinson builds her success by creating what she calls a tribe and she gave some examples of different types of tribes to create.  My mind started coming up with ideas right away.  Three came to my mind as I was reading the article and now more are coming as I write this. 

If I allow the flow of ideas to come, the flow expands.  Here are some of the inspirations that came to me.  I wanted to share them with you so together we could be inspired:

         A spiritual tribe based on exploring consciousness and compassion, through various inner practices and sharing so we can all lift each other up.

         A social activist tribe of people who want to be active in making positive changes in the world, through the collective consciousness, through spreading love and peace and other peaceful and insight methods.

         A support tribe for people who help people because this kind of work can be very draining and inspiration is needed.  Support for those who make a difference in people’s lives.

         An inspirational book tribe where people share what fictions and non-fictions they are being uplifted and inspired by.  There could be the sharing of ideas and sections of the books with others.

         An inner adventure tribe that explored ways to expand minds and open hearts and share their insights, trials and successes.  This is a more out in the world kind of group where ways of relating can be part of what this is about.  People could get together to explore something like mindful walking or a vision board for living with greater purpose. 

         A nature insight tribe where people share their insight gained from being in nature. There are trails to walk, beaches to explore, mountains to climb, streams to listen to and so much more.

Let me know which kind of tribe you would like to join?  Would it be one of the above or what would it be?  If you were creating your own tribe what be the most fun or make you feel the most alive?  If you are a member of a tribe, how did you make it happen or get involved?