Awakening For The Collective Good

I have to admit that my hourly appreciation practice is more like a few times in the morning, a few more times in the afternoon and a few more times in the evening.  This practice is feeling positive and enriching for my day.

The tribe I want to create is about people who care about themselves and each other.  This tribe is about being more conscious and compassionate people so we can be positive force in our own life and out in the world.  These times call for us to go for extraordinary in the face of such need for empowered citizens living by higher values.  I will call my tribe the Awakening For The Collective Good Tribe.

Want to join? Want to be more of what is possible within you? Want to change the world? If so join me and the many like minded people you can find across the Web and around the world.  Each of us was born at this time in the history of the humanity to be force for a better world. 

The best ways to awaken, to be a positive force that I know of after 30 years of exploring this include:

Expanding your capacity to love and have compassion

Questioning your thoughts and ideas until you find your own truth

Spending quiet time getting to know who you are as a soul, as a spiritual being

Taking good care of your body so you have enough time to make a difference

Live each day in the here and now where everything is possible

Appreciate yourself, those you love and all that life has given you

Live with purpose, passion and peace within

Yesterday I created this collage using a few of the agates I have been finding to represent the energies I want to work with in my life these days.  The chakra energies are powerful for mind, body and spirit.  Peace in the world begins within me.  I know I must question everything to keep in touch with my truth.  Love is the most powerful force on the planet. 

Love to you all.