Voices of Soul And Ego

How I see the world now in as simple a way as I can state it is that there are two inner voices that direct what is possible for our lives and for the lives of all humanity.  Those two voices are very different in outlook and the way they affect us all.  The noisiest of those two voices is the voice of the ego-mind and the quieter and wiser one is voice of the soul. 

The simple definition of those two voices is that the Voice Of the Ego (VOE) is the voice in our head that is about protecting us from all the fears we think we have.  This VOE is past and future focused so it obsesses about how it can repair what happened in the past and take control of what happens in the future.  This voice is not bad, it is driven by the survival urge in all of us.  Those that want to eliminate the ego are mistaken because it keeps us safe and intact. 

The Voice Of the Soul (VOS) is the voice of our higher knowing, it resides in the present and is calming, peaceful, loving and hopeful.  This voice can be understood as the voice of our higher nature, our spirit, our soul and our intuition.  This voice represents what is possible in us free of fear and open in mind and heart.  The goal is to be more tuned into the VOS because it has the greater capacity to help us create the life we desire.

The golden tree in the forest caught my attention on my run today and I wanted to share it with you because appreciating beauty is a positive things to do. 

Ego does not exist as far as a place in the body or mind but seems to inform each of us about certain aspects of how we humans function.  Don’t for a second underestimate this voice’s power within each of us.  The ego-mind is the source of all fear, all anger, all hate, all war, all need to dominate, all win/lose thinking, all the “I am right you are wrong” opinion, and the basis from which the political process is formulated and the religious hierarchy has been established.  Again this is not a “bad” force it is about survival driven by fear and the need to feel in control.

The Soul like the ego is not a physical reality but also represents a powerful force within each of us.  The soul is the voice calling us to learn and grow, to seek our higher expression, to love and open to compassion, to explore what is possible in us, to have purpose and to make a positive difference.   Our intuition is often the direct line to our soul.  This is the force for transformation, for higher consciousness and for the highest realization of human being.  The voice of the soul invites us into silence to hear and be guided to our highest expression.

Here are 10 key indicators that your ego has been placed in the back seat and the soul is running the show:

  1. Your body feels energized and fully alive
  2. Your mind has a focused clarity
  3. Your intuition is loud and clear
  4. Your eyes sparkle and your light draws people to you
  5. You feel relaxed, balanced and harmonious
  6. You feel present, awake, alert and aware
  7. You are positive, inspired and hopeful
  8. You sense the unity of all beings
  9. You feel passionate with purpose
  10. Your heart is full of compassion

Lately I have been working on a book to help explain this concept and to aid those interested in shrinking the power of the ego's voice and growing the power of the soul's voice.