Looking For Real Conversation

Lately I have been working so much on my question book, my book on voices of soul and ego and my novel in November, that I feel like my blog is taking a back seat.  I don’t mean for that to happen.

Today the weather has been packed with variety with big waves of rain, then bright sunlight, then rain, the bright sunlight and now it looks ready to pounce with the wind stirring and rain coming down out over the ocean.  This is better than watching the Weather Channel anytime.

Last night we had a Thanksgiving Dinner with our neighbors who belong to a Presbyterian Church in Yachats. I love tasty food and there was plenty of that.  I looked around the 60 or so people and thought this community is made up of lots of older people.  I guess I fit right in if it wasn’t that it was a church and I wasn’t in denial of my aging status. 

Churches have an appeal because they provide instant community and both my wife and I feel the need for more community.  The problem is that churches have this God thing going on which seems not very interesting in the form it is presented. I believe in a greater power than myself but not one that the Bible people claim as theirs.

I am a seeker. I explore to find the truth not by having someone serve it to me with a collection basket.  Maybe it is the 12 years of Catholic schools that have sharpened my skepticism of religion.

What I crave most lately is deeper conversations than what I have these days. I can have a meaningful email exchange but that lacks some of the energy of face to face, heart to heart, exchanges of ideas.  My wife and I have good conversations but we both want more. 

Sometimes I feel that since I am exploring life more on its outer edges or inner depths that there are not as many people to relate to. This seems especially true for us since we live in a kind of isolated part of the Oregon Coast. The nearest town of Yachats has around 400 people who live there year around. 

This is another reason I think having a tribe (Awakening For The Collective Good) has benefit because then we can locate other like-minded people and get together for tea or a hike or dinner or something that is stimulating to mind and heart.

It seems real conversation about the world, about politics and religion are the conversations many want to avoid.  The reason for that, as far as I can tell, is that people get attached to their own thinking and get offended if questioned?   

If you are into real conversation about life, about your spirit or soul, about the journey of your heart, about how we can make the world a better place or about other things that matter, I am in.